Visiting Corfu Town

A Morning in Corfu Town

The best way to shop is unhurried, alone and in the moment, with no pressure of having to be somewhere else later. I am not talking about the boring every day shopping which becomes an absolute chore, but the whimsical pleasurable self indulgent kind when time permits, and today Corfu town beckoned.

The morning started early, A beautiful day, I was awake just before the sun peeped from behind the mountain at about 6.35am, lighting up the villa tower in all its morning glory!

There was a loose purpose to this visit to Corfu town and that was to combine a little shopping  with a reconnaissance trip as I plan to be doing some low light (early morning) photo shooting later on this week.

Leaving Villa Del Cielo at about 8.30am, I stopped off at Profi ( our local homeware and hardware D. I. Y, ) with the sole purpose of sourcing some silk flowers.  Alas, no silk flowers, but 10 minutes later I walked out of the shop with two very attractive and colourful rugs in “my colours” – one of blues, duck eggs, turquoise , and the other  in various greys and shades of pink;   a bargain at €19.90 for the two and just what the Villa always needs to add an accent of colour and soften the limestone flooring.

A good start to the morning  I head for the parking by the New Fort in Corfu Town, turning left towards the Port rather than through the commercial district. Easily finding a space I head towards the market and took a few test shots of the gorgeous produce on display, thinking I would collect some of the tasty looking  prawns or try my hand as Tsigari with all the various wild greens (horta) on display.  Supper tonight is going to be experimental at least.

Visiting the food market in Corfu Town

Delicious fresh food at the market in Corfu Town

Part of my excuse for coming into Town was to pop into M & S ( yes really, here in Corfu) to pick up “some essentials” as my bikini and bras had , shall we say seen better days!  Job done successfully along with a pair of flip flops, a couple of vests and a pair of wide leg linen trousers.

Thinking to myself why is it Brits abroad are always attracted like magnets to any  M & S, I bumped into my friend Sarah Prifti  (yes Greek surname but English girl, she came to Corfu 25 years ago and had a Shirley Valentine moment) and we made plans for a meal together tonight at one of our favourite Italian places in Ipsos.

Moving down Voulgareos Street I headed towards the Liston and came across a small shop with some pretty sandals, …….. why not? Minutes later I walk out with 2 pairs of very comfortable and wearable cork wedges, ( the shop having been turned over to find shoes in my rather large size 41).

One pair in a fabulous cerise and the other a somewhat plain beige, but they won on comfort factor and I was told made by a well known Greek manufacturer. Onwards, by now the day was getting steadily hotter and  in need of a refreshing drink, I headed for a cafe  in a side lane away from the tourist hot spots and ordered a large freshly squeezed  orange juice.

Next a jaunt around the alleys and streets taking the odd pic for future reference and ending up at the Liston for a lunch time drink and snack.  I chose the quieter end at one of the  most traditional cafes called “Oaymnia” ( next door to the oldest) and had a lovely glass of chilled white wine from Macedonia  plus a plate of assorted cooked Meze all for only  €3.60. ….This is right in the middle of the most visited and expensive parts of town!. This could have equally cost me €12.50 at one a few meters further up.

After a bit of people spotting, I lazily strolled back through town and on the way remembered an eclectic homeware and gift shop called Domus  It is a cornucopia of interesting things, and still in the mood to shop (with a vague idea of places in the Villa that could do with a small touch or splash of colour), I wandered in.

Corfu town, Domus shop

Having added a re-purposed bookcase unit and wicker chair to the tower bedroom I wanted something to sit a-top (recently cleared of books) an Indian cupboard, and found a lovely metal elephant on wheels, a metal and turquoise tortoise and – I don’t know why I bought it ; – a metal hen ( I thought it could stand on the floor beside the new wooden bookcase).

I also found a lovely stone dish made in shape of vine leaves with a pretty stone bird, had to have that plus one or two other little treasures AND amazingly just when I was looking, some silk flowers in gorgeous colours.

A very happy girl I returned to the car (having got away with over staying by 3 hours); through the now closing market, luckily no need to pick up some food as I had my evening meal to look forward to and end to a really lovely day shopping in Corfu Town.

You can see all the goodies I bought in-situ at your next stay at Villa Del Cielo in Corfu, click here to check availability


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