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Celebration in Corfu at Villa del Cielo

Villa del Cielo has been featured in a captivating travel blog “The time we went to Corfu, Greece” by Helene Grosjean.

Helene and Tom were on a world back-pack tour, and had been invited to join their family staying at Del Cielo for a 40th birthday celebration.  She writes:

we had only one goal: to get to Corfu for mid-July to spend some qual­ity fam­ily time at the now infa­mous Del Cielo, the lux­ury villa where every­one else was stay­ing perched atop a mountain

Helene captures the very essence Corfu in her insightful glimpse of the island. Through her eyes it is easy to see why Corfu is a favourite holiday destination.   Diverse, fascinating and beautiful is has something for everyone, every age, every mood .

The joy and laughter the family had at Del Cielo is easy to picture:

“We roasted a whole lamb on a spit. There was a full spread of deli­cious home cooked Greek food…  seem­ingly unlim­ited sup­ply of wine, beer, and Ouzo…then the gui­tars came out for a lit­tle bit of tra­di­tional music, and of course there was some danc­ing… we had a gen­uine local expe­ri­ence, very far removed from any­thing touristy, which is ulti­mately what all back­pack­ers strive to find on the road.”

You can check out their great photos and read more about their exploits whilst staying at Villa del Cielo in Corfu here:

Laughing Abroad: The time we went to Corfu



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